Thursday, April 14, 2011


Ok, so im out of the 140's again! Woohoo! Now, just 9 more pounds till the 120's.

I havent been in the 120's since, i dont know, 5th grade???? (I was one fat kid, my weight once topped of at about 187 pounds :(, i've mentioned this before, but I just cant seem to get over it.)

The only problem, is that it's going reallllyyyy slow! Im only losing about a pound week. Oh well, atleast its something. Just gotta workout more this means! :D

So far clear of binges. Dont want to go their! The feeling of fullness that comes after a binge, is SOOOO not worth it....

Whilst i happened to be skyping with a freind of mine, i was sitting in the dark with a low necked shirt, and i guess the  light off the computer monitor, made shadows appear bigger. And he was like "ur so skinny" and that he could "see right through my bones". I happen to have very prominent collarbones, and as I lose weight, they become even more defined. I told him that I think Im kinda fat, and he was like "God No, Ew".
He has no idea, this is just the begining...........! <3
Stay strong Lovely's!!!!