Thursday, April 14, 2011


Ok, so im out of the 140's again! Woohoo! Now, just 9 more pounds till the 120's.

I havent been in the 120's since, i dont know, 5th grade???? (I was one fat kid, my weight once topped of at about 187 pounds :(, i've mentioned this before, but I just cant seem to get over it.)

The only problem, is that it's going reallllyyyy slow! Im only losing about a pound week. Oh well, atleast its something. Just gotta workout more this means! :D

So far clear of binges. Dont want to go their! The feeling of fullness that comes after a binge, is SOOOO not worth it....

Whilst i happened to be skyping with a freind of mine, i was sitting in the dark with a low necked shirt, and i guess the  light off the computer monitor, made shadows appear bigger. And he was like "ur so skinny" and that he could "see right through my bones". I happen to have very prominent collarbones, and as I lose weight, they become even more defined. I told him that I think Im kinda fat, and he was like "God No, Ew".
He has no idea, this is just the begining...........! <3
Stay strong Lovely's!!!!


  1. Congrats! That's such a huge accomplishment! Just keep remembering that you don't ever wanna be that high again and maybe you'll reach your goal! xo bella

  2. Such a great feeling when people start to notice your weightloss! I want to be so thin by the time I go home next week that my Mom notices-- even if she gets mad at me for it. I doubt this will happen but oh well, a girl can dream. Anyway, keep up the good work!! xo

  3. 1lb a week is the right speed to keep it off in the long run. Lol, you ever noticed how quickly people put back on all the weight they lost while fasting? Yo-yoing and superquickloss are NEVER good for your organs!

    I wanna go back in time and hug the child-you. Being one of the bigger ones in the playground is never fun :(


  4. P.S.
    Your comment was amazing and thoroughly undeserved.

    I'm sending you lots of hugs through the internet. I'm here for you as you're here for me and we're all together in our insanity XD

    If we nutters don't stick together and support each other, what kind of an example will the rest of humanity have?


  5. Congrats girl! I'm with you! Keep strong! I'll be following tou from now on!

  6. Woohoo! I just got out of the 140's myself, it was really frustrating because i kept going back and forth :/
    dont you hate it how 9 lbs is such a small nu,ber but it takes forever to get there?!?!?
    Keep going, you'll make it!

  7. Thats nice that he noticed. I love when guys are like, "Nah, your skinny." And then its always in your head like, "HA! You don't even know anything about it. Be carful girl though. The faster you loss it the faster it comes back.

  8. I'm with you! Like literally! I'm (almost) the exact same weight as you, but I binged and put it back on so I'm 140 now. I'm so happy to see someone out there who's started off similar to me and made progress. I wish you luck!

  9. Great job! I totally can relate to the satisfaction that comes when people comment about how you lose weight. My goal is to get somewhat slender now and when I go off to college work my ass of (literally) so that i'm a pile of skin and bones and people no longer poke my muffin top or call me their soft pillow when we chill out on the sofa.
    One pound a week is still freaking awesome. Keep it up