Thursday, June 30, 2011


    So, first of all thanks, on my choice of dress, and for the engagement. When I'll be in the dress, I'll post some pix of me in it :)

    Speaking of pix, I've been thinking of posting progress pictures, on my weight loss. But, I feel that I have a tiny bit more to lose before I'll do that. 

    In about febuary,I wieghed 151 pounds. I am now 135.8 pounds. So, there is most definatly progress, but I'd like to tone up my arms and legs and tummy, just a tad more. Ultimate goal (for now) being in between 125-129, is when i'll post the pictures too :)

In between Febuary and July, passed 5 months. And in those 5 months I lost 16 pounds. That's an average of about 3.2 pounds a month. Pitifull, I know XD.

   Hmmm...I binge/purged maybe 4 times, in all of those 5 months :D. I did a lot more excersize purging type behavior though, now that I think of it.

So that was just a lil summary, of stuff, today I cried a lot. Cuz me and the boy got into an argument. I'm proud of the fast that i didnt take my anger out on food.

Food will only make you feel worse. Not better, so think twice.

Thats it for now. I like reading your blogs more than i like actually blogging my own :PPP

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wow, its been toooo long!

So, its been quiet a while since I've blogged. But Im back...

I'm also a bride-to-be...!

So we all know what this means.


   Currently the weight is a solid 136. It had gone down to about 134, just last week, before I binged a few days back. It's absolutly ridiculouse how 1 or 2 binges, can do sooo much damage!

Angry at myself, but also all the more determined now. 

   Now, it's not only about getting skinny for me, it's for my to be hubby as well. The wedding is planned to be in september, god willing everything go's ok. I'm so excited you guys!

   This blog and all the new and old people that are my followers, you guys are all so cool. I feel as if we've all been there for each other, thru good times and bad, and its just awesum. This blog is about 2 years old, and just wow...We all want thinness and happiness, and whatever all your goals might be, I hope you guys all achieve em!

   As for me. I know I gotta get to inbetween 125-129 pounds before the big day. (Though the boy love's me the way I am, and says he loves my smaller upper body, and "wide going down to the hips")   

Yah, enuff said. Time to get rid of some thigh and hips!!!!!

   So far, to compensate for those past 2 days of over-eatingness, i promised myself, that I'd eat under 1,000 calories a day, for 3 days only to make up for it. Im just rounding up day two. And im slightly headachy right now, but chugging loads of water, taking my vitamins and making smart choices.

   Im not Ana, but used to be MIA, I just want to be healthy now. It's just 3 days. Then afterwards its back to inbetween 1,200-1,350 calories a day, of healthy goodness, and loads of excersice. 

   For the wedding, those are my weight goals, I could always go lower, later.

   Okay, now im just rambling soo much! Just had so much to say and all. Read some comments too, from the last post. And I felt left out in this little loving community, so now im back, and im going to post everyday, or atleast try to.....

Toodledoo for now ....and stay strong!

P.S, below I'm posting a picture of what I want my wedding dress to look simular too. It's an Indian bridal dress, since im indian by ethnicity, it only makes sense... xxoo

I can work that! ;)