Thursday, December 23, 2010

Scary dreams that might become reality

In it, nobody wanted to go out wih me, because they said i was too fat. :(

If thats not scary enough to scare you out of fatdom, i dont know what is.

On a side note. Its winter here, and maybe thats why im feeling kind sad. It could also be because of the break-up. Itproably is. Before I used to numb the saddness with food, but thats kinda dumb sooo. Im taking a multi-vitaminwith lots of vitamin D, because it's supposed to help with things like seasonal deppresion. Im feeling just so melancholy...guess its just that time of year.

Downtown Seattle in the evenings, around this time of year is so beauifull.  Still have got some christmas shopping left to do! eeps....:P

So far so good. I've been following the old plan, i used to follow when i was seriouse about shedding pounds. But I'm too scared to weight myself. All in due time.

A lot of you guys are getting sick i've noticed. Take care of yourselves guys!
And thank Zette and Astone....:D

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