Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I want to know happiness again...

I need this blog now more than ever.

I have BALOONED. Thanks, to breaking up and making up with my stupid boyfreind. Depression. Sadness. Plus a good frend of mine allmost convinced me to get a doctors help. But our family's insurance doesnt start until January, and I dont think I could even do that. Tell the doctor I mean. I dont want to be the broken bulimic daughter, or a freakin loony.

I want perfection. I have to get better in order to achieve my dreams. And by better i mean thinner ...

But as we all know, we cant change the past.

We can only change the here and now.

And that is what  am going to do.

CHANGEEEEEE!!!!! New years is coming up again. This is my headstart week to get back into the thin game. Thinness doesnt make you cry, or break your heart, like some stupid boyfreinds do. 

I love you ana, and blog, and folowers. This time i really am back...

**you can never be too thin or too rich


  1. i'm glad you're really back. cheers for a new year&forgiveness for all the naughtiness of 2010. i hope yours kicks off to a great start. stay strong, little miss.

  2. Welcome home honey. And yes, I refer to this as home.
    We've missed you, I am so sorry that everything just went completely and utterly shit.

    **You're so right.

    Looking forward to reading your blogs in 2011!!
    Love, x

  3. hope you kann reach ur goals and u inspire me