Monday, November 22, 2010

We'll make the night last forever...

Hey everyone. Wow, I finally got an oppurtunity to post! Yay..Day off finally, anyblue...I am sooo happy! Wanna know Y? It's because:

1.) Broke it off with jerko boyfreind
2.) Am single , oh yeaaah!
3.) My new job at the bakery is awesome! (Dont worry, i hardly ever have to eat anything from there.!)
4.)It's snowing n seattle!!! And the city looks gorgeouse!
5.) It's going to be black friday soon and this year were going to do lots of stocking up for our trip to india.(im indian :P).. So shopping, shoppin, shoppin here i come!!
6.) I havent binged for the longest time. I'll weigh myself tomarow.

I just feel peacefull. Reading your blogs, and the buzz of the season, is really helping me out. It's when i start feeling sad, depressed and hopless, that i start binging...Ok from now on , im not even gonna say the B-word (aka binging)...I mean, you know from now on in my posts!

Postive energy Postive energy Postive energy to you all, and lower pounds and im off to comment on all you lovely lady's now! MWAH


  1. Yeaay good to see you so energized and buzzed, so happy for you!!
    Always love to see the positive energy flowing! Thumbs up, keep going on like this!! x

  2. Positive energy is what it's all about! I love this time of year :) xoxo

  3. Awh, I love how happy you are felling.
    You're spreading the cheer!

  4. yayy! Inner peace really must be the way to go! I pampered myself yesterday an hung out with old friends i couldnt feel any better. I love it! Congrats on your newfound happiness!

  5. Hey! I just started following your blog! I'm really glad ai am. I totally agree with you. Positive thoughts and positive energy is completely good for the heart and brain. :)

    Take Care!!!!

  6. Hi princess..I don't speak englishvery well...But I 'll try ...
    Hope you're good now

    I love your blog

    Left my blog ..please follow me :)

    Xoxo Sapphire