Saturday, December 3, 2011


I've put on 5 pounds since getting married and my last post. Where has all my self control gone? I thought after getting married I would stop with this e.d stuff, but I guess not. I turn into a fat slob if I dont have Ana on my side. The pounds could also be because I went off my contraceptives. I hope they go away soon. But we all know that hoping doesnt get us anywhere, action does. So Im back and I'm here to stay. 5 pounds is nothing, I'll blast through them. Maybe its even water weight? It all crept up on me in like a week! Well if i can gain 5 pounds in a week, then I can lose them too!!!!

I am determined!!! >:)

and p.s i would upload some wedding pix, but im super scared of someone finding out who i am ...

nothing tastes as good as skinny feels!!!


  1. aww darling! I know you can lose it all! It must have been fun gaining it and being happy for once. I sometimes wish i could get married and just be happy with who i am. lol silly me, we will never be content.

    best of luck with the weight loss! stay gorgeous! and i'm sure you looked stunning in your gown my dear

  2. It's probably just water weight... And congrats on getting married hun! I hope you'll start considering recovery soon, I'm sure you're gorgeous and skinnier than most of us! xx

  3. Good luck honey! I'm sure you will attack those 5lbs! Xxxx