Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Im trying to make him stop having feelings for me. I think it's working. (Yay?) :/. Thanks for making me feel better about my desicion..you guys are the best.:)

Day 6 or so of not purging. My weights gone down, (i wiegh every morning, cant really stick to the once in a week thing..lol). No desire at all to purge. Feels amazing. And if I do binge, I'll just think its a good thing, might help the metabolizm...:) ,better than start the horrific, b/p, b/p, b/p cyle. And remind myself that I will be hungry again, soon enough, and weight losing can and will commence, so as to not have a mind freak out over it.

I read a lot of your blogs, i love them, and I follow a lot of them too, (thats why i have so many followers, 123? :O?!?!?!?! waaaaaaah??? heheheh, thank you guys.

I think I actually might do this. Lose wieght quickly, I mean. Becuase, I'm planning to get an emo style haircut, with red highlights, and I dont wanna look like a fool..lol... (p.s im not really an emo), for my birthday in May... oooh i cant wait!!!! (Picture of i'll look like, on the side).

My drug test for the new job is today, ofcourse Im not worried, im not into that stuff..:)

Im finding myself wary of emotions lately. I want to detach myself, emotionally from people. Maybe become a little more selfish. Have fun in life.
We only live once.
Be fabulouse
Be sexy
Be thinspiraional! :DDD...


  1. hey,i love your blog...i would like to be like you so much.:(your so strong and you get what you want..but im just some fat girl-.-

  2. congrats on continuing to lose weight.
    i tell myself the same thing when i b/p. and usually that's what happens. ill go down half a pound or so and will stay that way till i binge again(minus purge lol).
    your hair is going to look kick ass! im not emo either but i just love how some of the hairstyles look.im so happy i cut mine emo-ish in time for my birthday. we are going to be the skinniest , non emo girls come summertime!
    stay strong

  3. Wow, 6 days! Congrats,that's fab.

    I understand the wariness of emotion thing. I tend to cut them off quite a lot. Just watch out, it can get a little messy if you suppress them too much!

    I'm enjoying reading your blog!

    Love B xxx

  4. wow 6 days no purging! you are awesome

  5. Being selfish is not that bad, it just means you make your own decisions for your own sake.

  6. Agreed, its all about not purging. Binging is just so much easier to come back from then a purge :) Keep up the good work and get that haircut! woo hoo- i wish i could go bck to my old hair, i HATE my new haircut :)