Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lazy, but still losing...

Well, as usual I've been super buzy with work. I swear, I havent even had time to properly sleep, let alone blog. And omg, my arms and legs are so sore from working out. :DD

I am also now sitting at around 136-137 pounds :(. This means im losing, but it's soooo slow. It could possibly be a bit of muscle trying to grow? possibly? What do you guys think? Would you rather be some-what muscular and weigh a few extra pounds (because of the muscle, Or just "fattyy-skinny", as in you weigh less, cause your body composition is mostly of fat?

Or does any of what I just typed up there make any sense to you all? Forgive me, I is very tired..x_X

Can I just say that you all are so fabulouse? You are, because I said so...:)

Oh oh oh, and I just remembered an incident just now, that occured near the end of my last period. What had happened was, I had just come bak from work tired and bloated (worst combo), and my mum and me were just heading into to the grocery store to pick up a few things, when all of a sudden, she goes: "have you gotten fat? look at your stomach! Its hanging out!" (she also patted my belly in the grocery store parking lot--: /). My dad who was also there then go's: "dont pick on her, remember what happened last time?"

Oh and another "incedent". I was running ,running along on the treadmill minding my own bussiness, when my parents come into the living to watch t.v. After a while, I guess my stupid mother asks me how i weigh. I say 140, (more or less, thats how much it was a few weeks ago since I last blogged). She then yells: "140??!! how did you become 140? Your even exersicing more? .. And my dad (bless, say's :"thats fine, thats how much she shud keep it at." (mind you she's fatter then me, slightly at 124-125 ish pounds, and only 5'0")..

All the meanwhiles, both these incidents, just make me so angry. At first it hurt. But now I... I don't now how to put this feeling. I want revenge.(For a lot of stuff, weight is just one of the things..) Yes, thats what I want..

Revenge. Nothing taste's better, am i right?

Stay lovely everyone!, sorry for the long post..:)))


  1. I know how you feel. My mom and her comments were one of the reasons that I developed my ED. I felt that when I was skinnier she loved me more and was proud of me.

    I'm not sure if I'm right or not b/c I haven't been fat or pudgy for over 4 years. But I know how you feel.


  2. That made sense :p

    Logically I'd like to weigh that few extra pounds, coz if you have muscle you are toned and look hella-skinny. (My arms look like sticks because of how toned they are, but I'm still 58kg) I think Skinny-fat just looks nasty. Muscle also increases your metabolism :D Give me muscles any day!

    Lets swap Mums, hey? Mine can tell you you're too skinny and should stop losing already, and I'll bitchslap yours all over the parking lo, then throw her into traffic for an encore. (I can throw guys over twice my eight, She should be no challenge!) Lol, my Mum weighs less then me, buts she's skinny-fat so I look thinner.

    Listen to your Dad, he sounds a lot better than the Maternal Unit. Make her eat those words when you are toned and fit and lovely.

    You, my dear, arefabulous (Say it really posh and OTT to get the meaning) <3

  3. Dude, I would have literally punched her in the face, or cried all night. or both. Props to you for doing neither.