Monday, April 26, 2010

Day off...

Tis my day off, and im just takin it eaaaaassyyy. No workouts, no nothing. (And as less to eat as I can get away with..) That is the plan. It's 3.50ish in the afternoon here, and if I make it through 9pm without binging, I will be one happy girl (fingers crossed)...

There is pizza and indian food in the house though. :/ I picked up one of those garlic "naan" thingy's not an hour earlier, but then I thought of you guys, AND PUT IT DOWN!!!! :O

yes i did. :)

I am posting sort of loopy... maybe it's the lack of food.

Yup, Im trying out the age old trick of changing up my calories every few days or so , to keep my metabolism guessing. So basically, when I work and or workout, I eat more, but when Im at home doing nothing I eat close to nothing..(like today). I think this just might work.

But with me I find that, when I start to notice weight loss, I take it for granted and ALLWAYS screw it up. .. ah well, tis life..

@ Peri, (if your reading this, your comment cracked me up so much i allmost shot water on the keyboard!!!)... :DDD good times..

Later 4 now loveleys!!!


  1. Great job on putting the naan down! I find that if I think about all of you here, and how I would have to fess up to what I did/ate, I stop eating as well. It's so great to have this support group, and to have people to be held accountable to!

  2. Booyeah! XD I love making people spray drinks out of their nose. Except fizzy. Fizzy hurts D:

    Lol, I polished off the last 2 pieces of the Ginger Crunch my flatmate made. Thank GOD they both got stoned munchies last night so there wasn't MORE :O

    Enjoy your day off <3

  3. Good job putting the food down, and congrats on the weight loss, albeit slow. Let us know if the not eating on non workout days helps you lose! I need help. Ugh. My body plateaus like every 6 lbs or something. So frustrating.

  4. I know what your talking about with noticing weight loss and screwing it up. I'm ALWAYS doing that. I'm currently not weighing myself unless it's the 1st or 15th of the month.

  5. Oh, naan....soooo good...way to go. Send me some of your strenght!