Saturday, January 9, 2010

Back on Track!

It took awhile and a horrible binge fest of a holiday season, but I am now back on track and I know that this time, binging and purging is so nooot worth it. Im gonna give it my all. Urrrrggghhh, i hate living my parents. They buy all the food, and its so frustrating, cause they all eat so freaking much..

Oh well, my new personal motto is: "rise against". Ie, I should try to rise against temptation, cravings, fattening food, family freinds who "care", and against mia. All those things and more. I will rise against. And rise gorgeouse and thin. I will never give up. I will accept the occasional bump, but i will never give up on this.

Hope you all are doing well.

My new (pretty reasonable goals):

January: 138
Feb: -4 pounds so 134
march: -5 pounds so 129
april: 124
may: 120-125== 1st goal reached in time for my birthday :D
august: 100 perfect-(ish), maybe more we'll see..


  1. It is so hard living with family who stock up all the cupboards with food you just don't want to see there, it would be a lot easier to control if not living with family.

  2. I especially like the part about 'accepting the occasional bump'... I need to accept tonight for what it was. An occasional bump, not a major failure. Get up again tomorrow and start fresh, bounce back and rise against the temptation to just give in and let it get worse...No. Not me. Tiny bump. Over. Done.

    Thank you so much for posting this. I guess you never know when you'll touch someone in such a way so as to change their entire outlook on things... :D

    Stay lovely. <3

  3. thanks for this post.

    "rise against".
    i love that. because it's about refusing to be defeated. taking a stand. doing something about it! not being defeated and depressed. still not happy with where we're at. but coming against it. and succeeding. learning. changing.


    and yes, your goals seem pretty reasonable.
    maybe i should be easier on myself, and be pleasantly surprised when i reach them faster than i expected, rather than hating myself for massive screwups every day.
    thank you for showing me another perspective.

    much love.