Thursday, March 11, 2010

GOoooo Morning!!!

Good morning, to everyone in the bloggy type world, (well its morning here anyway, ridiculously early btw, omg I've just discovered i am a morning person! I think its because, I love the feeling of being the only one awake in the whole house). No matter how tired I was the previouse night, I cannot give up these few hours hours of lonely darkness, where I plan for the perfect day... These plans include:
Weighing my self, literally planning out and writing down my intake, deciding over jogging outside or treadmill, reading your blogs before i leave for work!

Plan for today:
1.) Eat what you've written down! (nothing more, nothing less, you fat pig!!!, you can do this much at least CANT YOU??????!!!!! GRRRR!
2.) work out. as hard as you can for atleast 90 min. No excuses.
3.) dont forget vitamins
4.) hit the sack early and stay there, so as to avoid night time eating and morning weight gain ...:( (my down fall as of late)
5.) there's no such thing as purging, there's no such thing as purging  there's no such thing as purging...
6.)  Stay Happy happy positive positve :)

Hope you all have a beautifull day, afternoon or morning...:)
Dont give up...


  1. looks like a solid plan. good luck today :)
    stay strong

  2. I am most definitely a morning person too. I know what you mean about enjoying being the only person up in that time just before the sun comes up, when it is all grey and peaceful outside :)

    Good luck on the plan today! It looks like a good one! Purging does not exist!!


  3. That looks like a nice, sturdy plan. I like 3,4 & 5. *Yoink!* :P

    I miss getting up at 6am on Sunday for work. The town is so quiet and still, and the sunrise over the harbour is something else!

    Have an awesome day! There's no such thing as purging, there's no such thing as purging, there's no such thing