Sunday, March 28, 2010


Omygosh, thank you all or your comments and support on my last post. I really appreciate it.

And the good news is: Im still 139!... :D...not bad.

And today, Im totally gonna avoid the cheesy garlic bread and fatass Nachos my mom is now making. :)

That's what happens when my mother gets her hands on some cheap 5 POUND block of cheese!!! Im seriouse, this thing is huge!!! I wanted to take a picure of it to show you guys, just how huge it is, but it' allready halfway Oh and the humungo bag of tortilla chips, thats as big a body bag... omfg

No. No junk for me today. (or ever, if i can help it).

Im not gonna waste this day off work worying and stressing like i did yesturday. No sirree bob.. :>

Again, thanks you guys.. and remember:

"There will be beauty from pain"


  1. Go girl! 139 is great! I can't wait until I get into the 130's!

    Good luck avoiding 5 lbs of cheese, I couldn't! (I live in Wisconsin, cheese is my kryptonite!)

    And thanks for the reminder, the pain of an empty stomach just serves as a reminder of the beauty to come.


  2. I hope you were successful in avoiding that fattening food! I am so glad I am not under the care of my mother anymore, so I don't have to eat what she makes. Living on your own is so much better :) But learning to avoid things like this will just make you stronger!


  3. I have a mother exactly like that! And the hardest thing is to say no to what she looks so good and she's so proud of herself.

    Anyways, as you said yesterday, lesson learned. So you didn't binge on it. Good for you!