Thursday, March 25, 2010

This is normal right?

Im too lazy to summarize the past two weeks or so, but all Im gonna say is that I tried my best and actually lost a pound! :P Buuut, now its that of month again, and I f-ing gained t back!!!

Im panicking.... This is supposed to happen right? It's just water weight :( ?

Thats it, no more dinner for me..

Not counting calories helped me lose that stuborn pound And going to sleep, instead of eating dinner..

Oh, yeah and me and the boy are back on... lol,, after all that.. i suck.

But seriously what other thinspiration could I possibly need, then skinny ass boyfreind, who could dump me a second for other prettier, (thinner) girls? :(....

Oh and welcome back spring... gotta get rid of this fat first

I am fat fat fat... No not normal..Fat Fat Fat..

le sigh***

you lovely's have a nice day ...!


  1. It's totally normal, you can gain nearly 5lbs in water weight while you're on :P
    But then it goes, so don't worry :)

  2. It's very normal, a lot of weight can be gained around periods. Totally normal!