Monday, July 12, 2010

Epic Failure

I just cant seem to find the motivation anymore!

I feel so stuk :(

Just had A DAYS WORTH of calories for breakfast. I am ashamed, and feel hope is lost. Words seem  so empty. I am still empty inside, although not physically, unfortunatly.

Obviously I am not going to eat for the rest of the day. Going to try and exercise all day.

It's not my fault, I didnt even want to be alive this long....urrrrrggghhh.

I guess, Im just going to have to tough it out and try to find that feeling of control again.

 I am struggling!!!!!! :(


  1. Stumbled across your blog, and I can totally relate! But Something we all have to realize is that Failure is not defined by the mistakes we make, but rather what we do after those mistakes. We either lie down and let the mistake ruin our resolve, or we stand up and fight even harder for what we want. You are not failing-Simply put- because you keep trying. Hope that makes a little sense. As far as not wanting to be alive: I too have been there... You just have to find something worth living for, and hold on tight to it and never let go... For me it is my kids. They are my motivation for every positive decision I make.
    Keep on fighting! :)

  2. Babe, I sincerely doubt that. You know what most anas consider "binges" are actually considered "normal eating".

    Also, no I did not write that silly. XP Its a song called "I hate everything about you" by Three Days Grace.

  3. I didn't slip, thank you! <3

    Control will come. Like anything you have to practise it a lot at first before it becomes instinctive and natural.


  4. I am sorry, honey! Do not think that all is not lost. Tomorrow is a new day, and you can get yourself back on track. You are so strong, you just need to realize it. You will find your control again before you know it :) Stay strong xoxo