Monday, July 19, 2010

Nothing can kill this

"if it easier to die than to live, doesnt it make sense to kill yourself everyday by staying alive?"- just a random thought, I wanted to share

It is self harm in itself sometimes to live, despite so much pain, and bullshit that might be goingon in our lives. My painkillers include, this blog/you guys, my little sister, freinds and a lover, and music and poetry. Although these things only temporarily ease the pain, they are enough. They are the reasons I exist.( Not that I would de without this blog or anything, but you know what i mean.) It's justone of the things that keep me going. And in a way seeing a minor success like on the scale, also helps a little, doesnt it? hmmm...

Well lately i've been losing instead of gaining, so thats a plus. Now I'm just off to read your blogs and chillax...:D

P.S- A phlebotomist is basically a lab assistant/blood and other specimen taker who works in hospitals, blood banks, clinics and the like. XD...was so surprised you didnt know, (peri lol).. But maybe they have another word for it where your from maybe...



  1. You sound like you're doing well. Keep it up. I also learned what a phlebotomist is! xoxo

  2. Lol I didn't know there was an actual scientific title for the people who stab you with needles 0.0


  3. <3 Glad you have some 'painkillers' to help you when you're having a rough time.

  4. I like your way of thinking about self-harm and painkillers :) So true! xoxo

  5. phlebotonomist is an aweseom career choice!!
    need some support ladies!! follow me..X