Sunday, July 10, 2011

plateauing at 134-135 ish :(

The title of the post say's it all.

In the begining, the weght come's off like it's nothing, without hardly any effort.

Thus, I have concluded, that I'm going to have to start starving myself, if I want to continue seeing any sort of results....

But then I remind myself of all those tips and tricks, and exercise's there are to be utilized. And it's not really starving. It's taking control. Of your body, of your life. I hope...


  1. The laws of physics are immutable. If you are taking in fewer calories than you are burning, you WILL lose weight. It's just that sometimes we don't see the results immediately. There's likely nothing wrong with your methods, you're jut getting a little antsy. Keep your chin up, girl! It's a journey, that takes time. There's no instant gratification, not even if you eat nothing.

  2. I hate plateaus, but they seem unavoidable. However I like to think, at least its not a gain. xx

  3. I know what you mean.. In the beginning, I lost the weight much easier, then it got really hard and I plateaued terribly. It was so frustrating and it really bummed me out. You have to trick your body, as it adjusts pretty quickly. Try changing up your routine, exercising more, eating at different times and intervals - things like that.

  4. I get that way at about 115 :( It SUCKS.