Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Whoo, I'm down 4 ounces...:P

I'm eating perfectly fine, but I always start to get super hungry in the evenings. Grrr...like I am right now. Maybe I'll have some more chai tea. Yes. Yes, I will.

So, I randomly purchased pure green tea, because I had read somewhere that it helps in weight loss. I dont know if it does or not, but I feel I've waisted my money, cuz I really dont like the taste...blegghh...

And I finally figured out to measure my vital statistics correctly, and if I have done them right, they are a very ginormous: 35-bust, 27-waist, and 41-thighs. Which also means that I have a Waist to hip ratio , or (WHR) of about 0.6, which is considered ideal, and most attractive to men. Wowza...I do have some thunder thighs ...Look the term up (Waist to hip ratio and attractiveness), I found it all very interesting.

Nothing else is new, except that I'm loving how it's FINALLY warming up some over here temprature wise..!

"That 'Someday', is not faraway, I daresay..."
So I have about 8-10 pounds until, I've reached my goal. I swear the last few pounds always are the hardest, and where I've screwed my own progress up in the past. This time, I dont want history to repeat itself. I want to cross this sort made-up "finish line"  I have in my head. Of me, getting to the 120's. And more importantly, staying there.

That's all for now. Hope you all have wonderful, day's or night's, depending...:D

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  1. Congratulations on continuing to lose! Just wanted to let you know though, 1/10th of a lb does not equal an ounce, it's more! 1 lb = 16 oz, so .1 lbs always equals 1.6 oz. So .4 lbs = 6.4 oz!

    I am just now getting back on track on my journey, and I'm starting to follow your blog. I'd love to see you on mine sometime, too!