Sunday, September 6, 2009

And slowly she'll get there...

Well im sure u guys must have noticed that the days of summer and all the insecuritys that come along with it are going to be leaving us.. finally! Have u noticed that it's easier to lose wieght in the fall-winter seasons? It is for me anyways...

Wat kinda ticks me off a lot , is how my stupid body decided to get fat at all the wrong moments... I waz perfectly fine.. happy and thin at the beginning of the year.. then stupid mia came along, then bada bing bada bang just in time for spring the fuckin' pounds crept up on me.. And near the end of the school year i waz always soooo into my mia act (because of major last year of high school stress), i waz always so bloated and depressed all the time.. Perfect timing because the hottest guy i had ever laid my eyeballs on came into my life at precisely this time. W T F???!!! He never got to see the thin, fabulouse, amazingly beautifull REAL me...

Because the real me had always been hidden "behind the fat"... :( But i swear to anyone who cares and/or reads this blog... I SWEAR, today that i will get there again soon!

Luv u allz! :)

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  1. You will get there again, as long as you want it enough :)
    And I totally agree that weight always has the WORST timing. Ugh. But I usually find it easier to lose in summer just because I'm so busy all the time. This summer wasn't great because I've been working so much. But I've gotten into a steady pattern of just not eating at work. Home is the real issue now.
    Good luck and keep us updated :)