Friday, September 11, 2009

If only they knew.

Hello there again guys.. i swear, where wud i b without u guys? It's like really helpfull because when im about to go for more food or something or if im too lazy to exercise... i have u guys in the back in of my mind. It's hard to explain.. Anywhoo.

Well this weird thing happened the other day. I got called fat by this guy.. I know he meant it in a joking way but still. I made some smart remark back, but he kept saying it. I felt like shit though... He's fatter than me for godsakes!!! Even though he's just a guy and most guys dont get it, it's still like u should really shut up u know? If he knew all the fucking issues i've had with food and how im not even completely over them. But im not one to share my secrets with A-holes.. It made me want to eat more at first because i waz pissed. But now, his remarks are only really helping me to work harder. It waz kinda like just the thing to really get me seriouse.

So thanks jerkface! And bring on the critism(s)! =)

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  1. hi just found your blog :). Great attitude, turn those critisisms into motivations, when you reach your goal and are even more beautiful he'll be wanting to jump your bones and you'll look at him with an icy stare and he'll burst into flames :) fade strong!