Monday, September 21, 2009

Why Hello there...

Hmmm.. wat to say.? How about "life's is being a seriouse bitch right now"?... Can't even enjoy my weightloss when it decides to come because of this stupid thing called my life. Wish I could explain, but i wont bore you with the boring, sad, and mediocrity of it all...

Wieght loss wise, I am now 142.0, which is basically in my head is 141, pretty much, (just go the bathroom once and it'll be, watever..) Yah so I finally figured out how to add pictures on this thing... And at your right you'll see a pic of urs truly.. This was actually taken a while ago, I mite update it...

The trouble with losing wieght and being naturally big boned is this..= It's f#$%ing harder to lose weight and the people around you notice it so much quicker. "You should eat something Raz, look at how your bones are popping out!" So basically because of my bones , i've have't even seen the 120's.. Like the closest I got waz 131... And I looked like a walking bag of bones, but the scale always felt like it waz telling me= "No not enough, not enough, look at this number, dont listen to ur parents or freinds, listen to me.." So now I will. Im big boned. But I will also be thin.

Thin+Naturally big bones= I think I can deal with that... =)

Bye for now you gorgy porgy's... !!!


  1. gorgeous collarbones girl. sorry about being big boned. I have never actually seen my bones so i dont know what size they are lol. (however my collarbones are starting to show but they dont look nearly as nice as yours) :)

  2. yes I agree, your collarbones are beautiful, don't worry about being big boned, I'm sure it's not as bad as you think! I hope your okay.