Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Slow and Steady?...

Hey all you dangerously hot skinny minnies! I haven't been posting much because their hasnt been much to say... I worked out till I thought I waz gonna die on saturday, but I have yet to see the 130's, (grrrrrrrrrrrr....). Whatever I guess.. This weight loss thing seems to happening at a much slower pace then when it did last time..

I think for me personally it's all in the blood sugar you know? My mom (and most of her family are all diabetic's, so this isn't really surprising to me, how the other day, i ate absolutely nothing untill 3pm, then binged/purged out on oatmeal and some spicey-shit, can anyone say ow..?) So lesson here: keep the blood sugars as steady as possible, so i dont end up binging like a cow.

I will be better, i have to be better.. I'm practically perfect in all other area's of my life but my body. Help me Ana. Thanks for everyone's support! Love you all!!!...

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  1. I know what you mean about being practically perfect in all other areas apart from your body. Im good in college, pretty well behaved, always try and do my parents proud. But the one thing i want more than anything else is to have a perfect body, but its so hard to achieve. I would give everything up for that!
    And im glad you found out how to stop bingeing!
    Hope it works for you:):)

    Lexy xx