Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's time to get a little seriouse!

Ahhhh! Well these last few day's haven't been that bad calorie/food-wise, but still I dont seem to be seeing any results on the freagin' scale...! I dont know why my body hates me right now, but whatever-- I'll just try harder from now on. And also I am going to promise to post my intake on here at the end of every single day,, just so I dont become lazy, and so that I can keep track of everything better(starting tommarow)...

So today I got real motivation in the form of my boyfreind... The topic of weight came up in our conversation.. (uh-oh right??!!). Well anywhoo, he's like 5'7", and weigh's 132 pounds.... Shit. I weigh 8 pounds more than him.!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!! What the heck!!!??? Man either he needs to gain or I need to seriously looooose!!!!! AHHHHH!!! Im sorry, this is just kind of bugging me a lot... I actually feel like crying.. Im sorry Im ranting and that my spelling sucks. I told him that I wiegh 125, and he believed me. Hmm... Now I really need to get there. I hate this. What do you guys think? Am I over-reacting, or have any of you guyz dealt with this situation? ...

15 pounds. 15 pounds, untill I wont actually be lying to him... :''(
Stay Strong... Luv Raz...


  1. youre not over reacting. Ive been through like the exact same situation, and even just hearing the words that your boy weighs less then you, no matter what your weights like at the time, can crush you in seconds youve just gotta stay strong you sound like youre going really well so dont let something like this bring you down, if anything try and see this as a positive way of boosting your weight that needs to be lost.


  2. Thank You so much! Yah, thats exactly how im going to approach it...It's just all better motivation at the end of the day... Thanks for commenting!

  3. don't let it get you down, I've been in the exact same situation, my boyfriend it so thin, it's so unfair. use this as major motivation! and as for the scale problem, why not try eating a little more for a few days to boost your metabolism then crazy restrict? it might work :) hope I can help x

  4. Yah, i'll do that See. Actually just had a f*$king binge/purge session today, so from tomarow I'll restrict seriously... Thanks for the advice! :)