Sunday, October 25, 2009

I cant beleive I didnt give in

Ahaahahaha, in your stupid face 139, I was 138 after my fast. Everything went great. I was out most of the day,doing errands and laundry, cam back showered, didnt even have time to dwell on food. It's around 6pm that I felt a little weak, but I didnt give up. Thanks everyone for all you great comments..

Haha Im getting so exited over a one day fast. Oh well, small steps- I loved it, and I'll definatly try to do it more often and for longer periods.

Well not much else to report. Im gonna catch up on all your lovely blogs now...



  1. Good job on your fast. There is no such things as losing weight and you can be very proud of you!
    Keep strong.

  2. Well done on your fast. I always find fasting so hard and struggle to get through one day.

    Hope the rest of your day went well :)


  3. one pound in one day is awesome :D
    def something to be excited about!