Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday Fast

I freaking messed up again last night.
The only way to try and fix it in my head is to fast. And thats what I am going to do. Only water and calorie-less drinks for me today.... i binged on rice. Rice is hard to make come up again. I tried my best. The rest I am going to Fast off today. Thats the plan. I need this. I absolutly hated the feeling of food in my stomach. The way it made me bloat, and gassy, urrrggghh. Fuck food today. I am so not eating. Shud have never trusted mia. Ana's girl completely... She doesnt let me down.

I just have to do this Fast. Easy.


  1. Mia is tough for me too. I can never get it all up. It's easier for me to restrict than purge. Plus, I don't think Mia ever really gets every calorie...

  2. You can do this! Just hold on to those horrible feelings that food in your stomach gives you, and stay strong and beautiful!

  3. Then Fast As You Can (song by Fiona Apple), I suppose.