Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's there, i could binge...

I have a problem. (Big surprise, huh?). Anywhoo, the problem is that for most of the day, (firt half of th day or so), go's really well for me. But then at the end of the day, lets call it my dinner, or the last time I'm suppoesed to eat for the day, I get monstorouse cravings!!!!! Like even right now, as I'm typing. I want it. I want it. I'm trying to type. Shut up voice of stupid fat girl!!!!!

Wow. I sound kinda crazy... Lol...

Anywhoo I think Im going to try and listen to some of of my thinspo music and hope that helps...

Oh and thanks for all your advice on everything, in my last post... You guys rock! :)
think 125, think 125.... 


  1. Oh gosh, I get that too, really badly. I'm combating it by drinking herbal tea or water, or normal tea if I really have to, or whatever I can find that isn't filled with calories whenever I get cravings. It helps.

    Good luck, don't give in. x

  2. nights used to be my worst so i imposed a do not eat after 7pm rule at first i would at like 6:30 be like ahh need to cram as much food in my mouth as possible so i can survive till the morning it wasnt good but it got better and now i rarely even think of touching food after my dinner ... well unless im planning to binge purge

    and as of your post yesterday you would be surprised how much easier it is to drag yourself out if bed when theres money involved lol good luck with the job interviewxx

  3. Heyya :)
    I'm pretty new here but this is my blog:
    It's basically my way of promoting the use creative therapies to treat eating disorders.
    I'd love it if you checked it out! and if you like it, follow it <3


    PS- My cravings come in the morning :/ and they're terrible as well! I just have to distract myself and take a diet pill and I can mostly get through it.
    If you want some more thinspo music there's a lot on my blog. Some that you can download as well! let me know what you think <3