Saturday, October 3, 2009

Uh-oh, im out of coffee! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Sorry for sounding so apologetic in my last post. It wasn't meant for anybody but myself... Yah so today I had more than 700 but less than 1,000 cals... hmmm. I think its ok, it's nothing compared to the super-low numbers I see in this blogging community..! I seriously dont know how some of you guys do it!

In other non-weight loss related news,, I hate this economy man! Like seriously... I've been looking for a job for ages!!! (3-4 months). Im only 18, and I really need a job. I need it to pay for college. But Im just not finding one... :( So sad. Please pray for me guys!!!!

Anywhoo whoo... plus, the last time i had a job, I had gotten down to my lowest wieght of 131, because I stopped eating and started concentrating more on the money. I love money this means,, more than food! hehe.. I want a job where I cant eat, where I constantly burn calories... ho hum pigs bum.... : p .

Untill tommarow, my skinny sisters! Luv U !!!!!

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  1. praying hard for you babe youll find one soon :). between 700 and a 1000 is great at least you are able to restrict. Keep doing well and you'll se results.