Monday, October 26, 2009

Is this what you call progress?

Since I've started this blog I've gone from a wieght of about 147 to 138, (what i am now). That's a loss of about 9 pounds. I've gone from crazy out-of-control bulimic, to a restricting Anamia. It's happening, it's happening slowly but it's happening. Urrrggh. I dont really know what the point of this post is. I think I may be pms-ing.

My life sucks. I cant find a job. My parents make too much money and so we cant turn to the government to help fund my education. My parents dont even care about furthering my education. I have no one. I'll have to be all no my own out in the real world. Everyone say's they care. But they dont really. They have problems of their own.

Withering away. In my own sadness. Being empty, getting smaller, atleast looking better and prettier everyday is something. Takes away the sadness. If only for a little while...

P.S= I am joining Strawberry Shortcakes weight-loss competition which starts this halloween. Join...? :)
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  1. I definitely will! But I don't see the link to her page anywhere.

  2. I'm so sorry about school. It really is a horrible time for financial aid, since schools are so poor right now... but I'm sure your parents will come through, at least financially. Even if they're all wrapped up in their own lives (trust me, I get it) it's not impossible to write a check. Just try to keep your chin up, and remember how you're becoming thinner every day :)

    Also, congratulations on the progression to anamia! I had to make the same leap recently, and it is so hard so you should be real proud of yourself! 9 pounds may not seem like a lot, but its just the beginning of what you're going to lose.

    Stay strong lovelie! Remember that we're always here to listen and help you when everyone else has problems of their own.

  3. awe thanks for posting my blog on urs!! i think it will be fun and helpful

  4. I've joined the challenge too!
    I'm hoping it'll help me shift the lbs.
    I can lose quickly, but my problem is self control when it comes to food. My stomach never tells me stop.
    Talk to y'all during the challenge!