Sunday, October 11, 2009

140's--Go AWAY!!!!!!!

Hello everyone, I have nothing in particular to say, so if you dont mind I am going to RAMBLE,, big time.

So, as the tittle suggests the 140's love me and dont want to let go of me with out a fight. I dont remember it bieng this hard last time.!!! Anywhoo, today i waz 140.2. Soooo close! Today I was also this close to purging. What helped me stopped were 2 things:

1.) I read somewhere that the occasional binge is better than purging wieght-loss wise, and
2.) It's ok if I go 100-200 over my daily limit, I didnt even used to count calories the last time I lost weight,, so I must have been doing something right back then??!!! (just dont make it a habit!!!)

Umm yeah, thats what happened today. It's just so nice to get it all out here. =)
And on the plus I havent gained a pound. Im in control. Just slow where the numbers are concerned.

Ooooh, I love reading everyones blogs, but I have dsl internet (it's so slow), and so now Im gonna try and catch up on you all. . .

Peace, Love, Ana.....


  1. Still down, but I think I can function. I want to curl up and cry on a good friend's shoulder, but I don't think my friends know who I am anymore. This ED's changed me too much, you know? So I'm a little alone, and that just aggravates my mood a little. But I guess I'll just hang out and wait for it to pass, like a spell of cold weather. Wait for my bones to thaw. Wait for my smiles to come back - I miss them.

  2. DONT DO IT!!!!! drink tons of water well not tons 64 oz a day is plenty. your body might not need food but it must have water. if you get dehydrated your body will start shutting down things it doesnt need (legs arms) then it will move to your organs and start shutting them down. if you are worried about fluid retention during your period take a midol, but please please drink your water. i wasnt drinking because i am stupid and cant remember to, water actually helps move the scale down because its filling and it flushes out impurities. im just a tard who hates to drink but not anymore i learned my lesson, best of luck to you :).

  3. oh btw the reason the occasional binge is better than purging is that you start to depend on purging as a weight loss method so you consume way more calories than you want to. your body will start absorbing calories as quickly as possible (like in your mouth and throat) so even if you do manage to purge everything those calories have already been absorbed. Also its nearly impossible to purge out everything once it has reached your stomach.