Saturday, October 3, 2009

Dont wanna talk about it..

So like I said in my last post, I am now going to write down everyday's calorie intake. And so for yesturday it was : 2,000 (approx), all binged and most purged. I guess I waz sick and my body was craving, and im sorry I tried my best to control, but I could not. Im sorry, old habits die hard, I am an ex-bulimic at the end of the day.

Im sorry, it won't happen again... :(


  1. its hard to break the cycle but i know you can do it. sure youll have your occasional slip ups but just stay on track. great luck to you.

  2. hun I think it is important to know that YOU DONT HAVE TO APOLOGISE TO US!! Ever. Ever, ever, ever, ok!! You are who you are, and we love you exactly how you are. Therapists don't expect bulimics to wake up one morning and go. oH you know what I am fixed, and last all week without binging or purging. It wouldnt be classified as a mental health issue if that was the case!!! So a little blip, a few little blips, a lot os massive slips, all are ok, all you do not have to say sorry for... because you are walking in the right direction, you are supported, and you will get to where you want on solid, even ground one day. And I will be waiting for you x x