Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Feeling so cold.

I binged yesturday. I hope it didnt do too much damage.

And then this morning after a cup of strong, black, no sugar no milk coffee, i felt so sick and full that I didnt even a laxative. Fuck, I was in so much pain. Yesturday's binge=today's pain.

It's just so much easier not to eat.

So now, I'm like empty again. That was fast. It was like even my stomach knew, the food wasnt supposed to be there, so it just got rid of it. Amazing. I learned my lesson... Now Im sitting here empty.

The rain is pounding outside my window. It is a very grey and cold morning. Both outside and inside myself.(does that make sense?), shivering now...

 Good Day to you all...


  1. you're so right, it's just way easier and less troublesome not to eat. of course when staring at yummy delicious binge treats, it's almost impossible to remember that. but i'm glad you're back on track! stay strong!

  2. stay strong!!!
    i struggle with this too, and its so hard not to binge.
    ive found a way to cope, though.
    i chew my food and spit it out.
    its more satisfying than it sounds.