Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Feeling in Control

Hey everyone, as the tittle suggests lately i've been feeling really good about my intake! I have'nt binged or purged, so i guess im proud of that. The only problem seems to be the exercise. Like a lot of people i just cant exercise as much as I'd like... Also when I eat less, the desire to exersice also go's down.. :(

Wieghtloss i think is happening. I didnt really have a solid plan about intake at first, but now-a-days my will power is so strong, im just going to try eating as less as possible, while at the same time trying not to have the dreaded binge-purging that usually comes after starving.. I think it's harder 4 my body to lose wieght because after i had lost so much last year and gained some back, my body doesnt seem to want to let go of this f#*$g FAT!!!, oh well.. ooh, and also on a side note: The Biggest Loser is back!, I find that show awesome reverse thinspo..

Just trying to burn more than i consume, and loven' the emptyness... The scale will follow...
Peace out! Stay Strong ladies!

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