Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pleasure brings pain...

Ugh, I hate by body's fuking needs...
I was on my period today, and i know I shoudnt use that as an excuse, but because of it I gave in and ate like 500 cals or so over my daily 1,000 limit.
It felt so wrong afterwards, I just wanted to rewind, shit shit shit.

But like they say, no use crying over spilled milk, (whatever)...

Tomarow I promise to myself to "Run/Jog/(only walk if i really need to)" in the morning at 8.00am for two whole hours! then do weights for an hr and a half. = 2 1/2 hours total.
Then have only an egg/brand combo 4 lunch @ 12.00, and oatmeal for dinner@ 7.00, and thats IT!= thats only 395 cals.

Which will leave a crazy low overall net intake, hopefully making up for today...
For everytime i let myself cave in, there has to be consenquences~!

I just regret today, have faith that i'll fix it tomarow, and move on... :P

Thx for your comments uys. They really keepme going. I'll try and catch up on your blogs now..
luv Raz-o- spazzo... ie Raz...


  1. periods suck.
    it always seems that when i slip, i get my period the next day. then i'm so grateful, because it's IT and not me.

  2. periods definitely will do that to you. Don't beat yourself up though. You have to love and forgive yourself, get up and do better the next day. Take care of you. Don't eat garbage or don't eat, and when you do eat, eat the most nutritious healthy stuff you can find... like raw veggies, berries, or fish. Take vitamins. Keep at it and cure the fat disease. :) It's like saving the world!

  3. that sounds like an awesome plan.
    So what you went over the limit?
    The day after tomorrow you will be thinner.
    Maybe just a very little- but you will!

    Vanilla Finnegan

  4. Awww, any more warm fuzzies from you and I'm gonna morph into a pile or persian kittens. Lol why have a flat belly when you can have a flat face? XD

    <3 I hope the crampage has all gone by now!