Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Why is it that after u exercise, u feel so freagin hungry??? I've also noticed since i've started restricting agian, that my skin is so much paler.

Any whoo, a funny thing happend the other day, im currently looking 4 a job, and during my interview, the supervisor was like looking at me and she kept repeating, "you realize you'll b doing a lot of heavy lifting?". She asked me this like 5 times, with a wierd luk on her face. Truth b told, it waz probably because i looked so out of place there. Everyone else waz like short, squat (and generally big, muscular and fat). And wen i went out people were like "she got hired?!" Its cul that i probably did, but its so not 4 me. I felt like a freakin runway model compared to those people! lol..

Oh, and by the way, a little advice 4rm someone who just got over this: Dont even think about purging/bulimia! It might work 4 like a month, but then it'll creep up on u in the form of pounds, so just BeWaRe!!!...

Wish me luck . I'm rooting 4 u! Stay strong and u'll get there! :)

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