Thursday, August 20, 2009

If at first u dont succeed...

Is now my attitude towards this journey. A big thanks to Sam for just putting a big smile on my face thanks to her comment! :) It coudn't have come at a better time, there's freagin 3 pizza's at our house, for a family of 5! Like jeez, wtf?!! My dad waz like "so, wat do you want on it?" And i looked at him like "really?", Pizza's my favorite food, thats y i avoid it like crazy!! I just think to myself, "smell, toach, look and admire, but dont eat!!!". So yeah, watever, food just turns into crap anyways, i dont need it! Gross, in know im sorry!

Anywhoo, im such a huge hypocrite! I waz like "dont purge" in my last post, and guess what i did? I purged... Shame on me, i know. It's usually very rare though, and i seem to only want to do it when im really stressed out or angry/frustrated and such. Most days, you'll find me restricting like a good ana! :)

Just a curiouse question BTW: how much wud u say is your average weight loss per week?, mine is a pitifull one pound per week :( .. oh well, at least it's something and not gaining!)


  1. Hey hon!.. im here 4 u always haha!..
    just so u know, i lose about 1 kilo per week when I do things right which is about 2.5 pounds.. When I cheat a little I lose 1 or 2 pounds max!..
    let me know how ur doing!

  2. hi
    try to remember the food will make you happy for a moment or two but skinny will make you happy forever.

    i loose 1-4 pounds a week. it really depends how much you exercise restrict and how much you have too loose and how long you have been on a diet. and well a punch of other stuff...

    but stay strong

  3. Definitely depends on the plan. ABC, fasting, or juice fasting usually lends a lb a day, but those binge or cheat days always rack it right back down :(