Saturday, August 15, 2009

Starting out? Not really..

Well, hello there everyone! My "names" Raz, and im new to the bloging scence, but not to the E.D scene unfortunatly (or fortunatly if u like to see it that way)... i've always read u girls' blogs, and they hav always been the voice of strength for me and the voices of peolpe who actually understand wat we r going thru. It's all mental really. we dont care wat happens to us physically, (as long as its not getting fatter! :) Its a mental battle, wen u get down to the root of it. who will win today? the food or my mind? Anywhoos dont want to bore u with my thoughts on E.d. I personally had a beutifull brush with Ana, then went on the down hill path of Mia. (I hate/Love u Mia!!) But now, im trying to reconcile ana, and get back to where i waz.. bak to wen people complimented me,back to wen i wud lay down on the floor, and i cud feel my hipbones.bak to wen the guys actually noticed me, bak to wen i almost collapsed from sheer hunger. bak to wen , even if life lucked, or i had a bad day, it wud all b ok, because atleast then i was thin, loved, and skinnier than them! Wish me luck guys! And stay strong! (P.S sorry 4 the typos hehe).

"Whats life worth living if its not PERFECT!?"


  1. Hey! welcome!..
    I'm also kinda new, ive been blogging 4 less than a week!.. i just wanted to welcome u and tell u im here 4 u .. were all going thru the same thing and we should do it 2gether!..

  2. Hey. I'm new, too... and also an AnaMia. Great to finally read up on someone who isn't just one or the other.
    Later Days xoxo