Wednesday, August 26, 2009


UUURGH! i guess you cud say i've been a little off b/c its that time of month again. During this time, i dont even bother wieghing my self untill its over... And i think it pretty much can blow it self over and away without causing any damage... I actually heard somewhere that bieng on ur period actually makes ur body naturally have to burn more calories. This makes sense because, that must be why super ana girls stop getting their periods, b/c their bodies just cant afford to spend the extra calories keeping thier reproductive system going... hmm?...

But still. I am scared of the scale. It controls me. Also this stupid bloaty feeling! UUURGH! hehe my post today began and ended with the same statements...

Do u guys also freak out when this happens? Do u take the scale seriously during that time of month? hope u guys r doing well! i really do! :)

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  1. yeah i dont weigh myself either when im on my period but when it stops I actually lose a couple of pounds!.. I hate it and i hate cramps and feeling bloated but its worth it!