Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Advice please?

I need you guy's advice...What do you think would be best?

A.) Fast all day in an attempt to "make up" for todays binge...:(( ( This option could end up being either very successfull, or another disgusting fail...)


B.) Just try to eat as little as I can get away with. (energy will be needed at work, but I really hate eating so soon after a binge, so idk...)

Which option do you think would be best? I have to know what you think, Im so lost right now. Im stuck kinda in the middle you know? Half of me wants to go "hard core" ana and be really strict, but the other half of me know's that this is real life and that stuff happens. (and by stuff i mean calories happen, freinds, family etc happen", and idk, im having a really hard time just balancing everything out.

It's really driving me crazy.

Thanks guys 4 ur comments and your help.


  1. hey! well this is me= i fast monday through friday and i eat on weekends cause i cant avoid the family reunions.. i can usually control myself on weekends and just eat what i am forced to... but sometimes i tend to really binge on sundays cause i know im gonna fast for 5 days.. so my advice would obviously be to fast cause that will be the most effective after a binge, and its only one day so it shouldnt be hard.. try not eat anything, cause after a binge what usually happens is that once u start eating, ull end up binging again... good luck

  2. I'd try B and then slowly ease my way into option A. I was never that drastic, though.


  3. Option B. Have something every 3 hours. Fruit or nuts or crackers and cheese or a protein shake. Healthy and timed right to keep your metabolism humming.

    <3 DOn't work too hard, ok?

  4. B. Definitely. Because fasts, when they turn unsuccessful, they turn VERY unsuccessful. You need assurance that you'll be good, and the small snacks will keep your metabolism going.


  5. B - for the same reasons above

  6. i agree with option b. i know that after i have a really bad binge i have more success at getting back on track if i ease into it a bit. i would definently eat alittl something every 3 hours or so like periAdot suggested. i personally love eating sweet "guilt free" foods right after a bad binge like chocolate rice cakes, 60 cal pudding, 10 cal jellos and sugar free popsicles. then again i have a terrible sweet tooth lol.
    stay strong and good luck :)

  7. I would definitely go with option B. Your stomach is going to be used to having something in it, so trying to fast will make you super hungry, and then more likely to fail. Hope everything goes okay! xoxo