Monday, May 24, 2010

Awards for the Beauty's!!!

Im going to give this award to the bloggers I've followed that I could relate to and/or i've follwed for the longest here i go:

(in no particular order..)

1.)Peri-- I know you're feeling down cause of your kitty, but you gotta stay strong, but you are allready beatifull, (and hilariouse), so here you go! You deserve it!!!

2.) Twigs--, she was the first to give me this award, and i remember i was feeling superdown at the time i got it. I was one of her 1st blogs, and i appreciate that! :)

3.) Sottile--, cause you just never give up, and have such a positive attidtude, while at the same time being so hard working! I dont know how you do it!!! :O

4.) Rain--, also a blogger to me who always knows how to make a crappy situation into a funny, or ironic one. Famously known for attacking food with haispray. Fight on, girl freind!

5.) Barbie Samantha-- my frst follower. I still remembr how much hope we both had that we would someday succeed. She is awesome and made it so far. She's a total rockstar, and im not there yet, but closer than i was yesturday.

6.) Meg (LEak)-- Also a girl who's made it far despite a lot of crap in her life. Amazingly strong, honest and funny.

7.) And last but not least, bree-- who always has awesome thinspo on her other blog shrunken violets, as well as her own blog where she writes.

It was really hard to chose just seven out of like 186 or so, bloggers, so please dont come after me if you didnt get one! x_X

and i'll post 7 things u didnt knw about me tomarow. I gotta make a mix c.d for my dad's b-day, and a cake for my bro's b-day. (So many f-ing birthdays in may!!!!).

but on the plus side i didnt gain as much  as i had thot!
I also forgave the boyfreind, after much begging and a gorgeouse silver ring.:)))) I love him too much to stay mad, and vis versa....

till tommarow love's !!!  


  1. For the blogs that were awarded that I also follow, CONGRATS! I SO agree that you totally deserve these awards :)


  2. Thankyou m'dear, it's much appreciated!
    And I'm glad it made you feel better during a low point

  3. Thank you so so so much!! You're awesome :)

    Good job to le boyfriend for manning up and getting you some jewelry. It almost makes fighting worth it lol! Smart guy you've got there ;)

  4. Hey sorry I misread your info, Thx I didnt really think there was much difference till I put all the pics together... Now I see it wen I wanna keep going.... I was like huggeeeeeeee at 11( but under 200.....


    That is the competition I was talking about, don't know if it is still possible to join, but just try to ask her ^^ I'm sure it'll work out for you!


  6. You haven't blogged since last month! :) Come back, friend!