Monday, May 17, 2010

F-in b-day

Oddly this year, i didnt care much for my b-day. B-day = food and food = stress, and food+relatives+party= fat and bloated me.

I am really so ashamed. I seem to forget what self control is when the clock strikes 8.00 pm.

So much food and horrible, horrible (okay they werent that bad), but they were picture's and videos nonetheless...:(

Great day otherwise that and Boyfreind forgetting my birthday.

Who does that?

It makes me want to end it. Even if your buzy, you can atleast call, right???

I birthday binged, but I vowed to my self that at 19 I will give up purging for good.

Was standing in the restroom, but i didnt do it.

And Im still alive?


peace* love *skinny


  1. Wow your boyfriend forgetting?
    That sucks, really.
    He needs to make that up to you!
    But I'm really proud of you for not purging,
    it's sometimes really hard not to.

    And congrats, 19 years!!!

  2. Happy birthday lovely. I'm really sorry that it was stressful!
    I'm the same....the clock strikes 8..and all control leaves. It sucks.


  3. Happy Birthday. Too bad the you didnt have to much fun, and your bf forgetting your b-day. But i´m glad you didnt purge :)

  4. Happy Birthday!! <3

    He forgot?! How long have you two been going out? Are you going to demand that he begs for forgiveness?

    YAY for not purging! :D So happy for you! Lol, your birthday present to yourself was a lack of gastric rupture. You are epic! :D

    *Sending birthday loves and hugs*

  5. Happy birthday.
    it is you birthday so dont feel to bad about the eating.
    Let the boyfriend beg for forgiveness.


  6. Happy birthday sweetheart,
    The boyfriend should open his eyes and realize what an amazing person he gets to call his girlfriend!

    Birthdays suck.
    Much love,


  7. Happy Birthday love! Dump your boyfriend...kidding. But don't give have sex with him for punishment!!

    So that I don't eat at or after 8, I run at night. Then after I've finished, I shower, and I pass out because I'm so tired. Maybe you can find something to do like that?

  8. Oh, right. This is the point in time in which you begin to want to avoid social gathering in an attempt to evade food.. It's not such a bad thing at the moment..
    Happy B-day!

  9. ur boyfriend has no right to forget your bdaii! How close are you guys?
    im sorry about ur binge. im a binge monster myself. but think about it this way:
    -this binge will spike up your metabolism
    -this binge will help you loose even more fat once you restrict again because ur body will be confused
    -the calories will hold you over so you can eat alot less.
    -you had to have gotten in some good vitamins somewhere in all the nasty food.
    -now ur family trust you because they saw you eat.
    that's how I keep myself from self destructive behavior. I'm so happy you won't purge. That's so great because my sister was bulimic and it gives you excuses to binge and its even unhealthier than ana because throwing up robs your body of tons of important minerals. Plus ana makes you thinner than mia :)
    happy happy bdai!! just think: this year is a new year. The year your gonna be perfectly thin! How cool is that?

    ... well . it wont ever be good enough but its ok to be ignorant and childishly cheery sumtimes huh? otherwise one can go mad. I should know.

    Vanilla Finnegan

  10. i've been married for 16 years and my husband still forgets my birthday.
    it is NOT ok.