Saturday, May 22, 2010

Le Plan

Breakfast. Okay over.

Now no more food for the rest of the day. Only water. Good' ol water.

Just writing it down here to keep myself accountable :)

I have family get together, reunion type thing on june 19th. I have to get my act together.

I will succeed.

I love you guys. You guys are like the only voice of reasonI hear, in a crazy f-upped world. So thank you for all your comments and support.


  1. water is always good. So is green tea - speeds up metabolism.

  2. I am not eating today either! We'll be strong together :)

  3. A reunion is a good incentive to stay on track!


  4. Hi, THX, for the comment I always say cant live men can't live without them n cant shoot them lol....... o n I'm posting a pic im almost almost on 180, I'm getting so excited this is the smallest I've been in like 3 yrs.... N don't get discouraged jus keep trying n u will succeed :D

  5. Thx Im starting to feel great u weigh 2 pounds more that i should so i still have a ways to go (no offense) Im sure u look great.... any ways I posted some pics from december to now if u wanna see them........thx again n your welcome

  6. You are one of the lucky winners of my Beautiful blogger award ^^