Friday, May 7, 2010

Sick as a dog..watever that means

Nose running, eye's watering, pressure in my head. I am sick, but I am not going to use this as an excuse.

Treadmill, here I come!...

This guy keeps flirting with me, even though he know's I have a boyfreind. WTF?... And I allmost took his bait, but some people in this world are loyal to their lovers, and I am one of them. Jeez, where is this world heading?

Thanks for helping me out earlier with your comments. In the end I kinda did a combo of A and I tried to fast, but that only lasted untill 4.00, then i cracked, but managed just to eat a tiny amount, cause that's when my fever was starting to split my head open. so cold... hope you guy's are taking care of yourselves, love you guys :)

*** update-just did that 30 min of jogging and 15 mins or so of warm-ups and cool downs. Forgot to mention I bought the book Wasted, and downloaded "Wintergirls". Excited!!! Finally i get to read what all the fuss is about! :)) Also Bought a new Weight Watcher's scale, that I read some of you had bought. It measure's your pounds, body fat percentage and your water %!! It's not that much more accurate than my regular scale actually, and the body fat percentage keeps changing everytime I step on it? weird... ***


  1. Get better soon ^^

    I was wondering where you downloaded Wintergirls from? Seems like everyone is talking about it on their blogs these days.


  2. Oh no! Sounds ghastly! You're sick! Take it as an excuse to not eat and to not exercise! Seriously, I can't believe you went jogging...

    Take some time off and get healthy.

  3. I hope you're getting better!

    Okay, I just wanted to say that your blog was the very first I ever followed - and man did I follow religiously.

    I think you've come really far, and that's why I've given you a beautiful blogger award on my blog.

    You're beautiful y'know, just in how you write. And you are inspirational.