Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I feel the control coming back. I WILL NOT resort to mia.

Feeling nice and empty right now, (thanks laxies, i dont use them often, only when I'm feeling icky, if you know what I mean)... And waiting for my gorgeouse boo.

He's so perfect and skinny I dont deserve him. GAh...

I dont know how much I wiegh. Im scared to find out. I lost control a few days back, because I thought I woudnt even be awake to see the next day, but I guess I was wrong, I did awake, and I'm trying again.

My body seems to be stuck at, 138-140. Well guess what?! Thats Just NOT GOOD enough for MOI!!! Bwah hahahahahahahahhahahahahah!

ahem ahem***

Thanks for the comments everyone! They really are not only encouraging, but also make me think. Think for example, how cool it is that how some of you also used to beleive you couldnt get to any lower weights, but you did. How just trying, will in someway inevitably lead us to be the skinny gorgeouse lady's we all know we are inside... ;)

I hope everyone's holidays are going well. (And by that I mean you are avoiding food like some high paid supemodel or


  1. stay strong girly, you deserve to be skinny. i use laxies to , but like you, only when i feel like i need them to get empty. hang in there
    have fun with your boyfriend!


  2. Keep your chin up. You might feel stuck right now...but, eventually you WILL see some results. You need to stick with that thought, or else you will feel hopeless. Hope will BRING you sucess!

  3. I wish you a merry christmas, stay strong


    Kate lunacy.