Monday, December 7, 2009

You guys are always right!

I was just retaining that h2o, because of mrs.monthly. That's good, because I was going to smash that scale if the numbers kept going up. Today I am .2 pounds away from 135! :D Then 10 more pounds untill my first goal wieght of 125, (at which weight I will officially be skinnier than my thin little sister, because I'm taller than he, BWAHAahhahaha!, nothing against her at all, but,you know how it is...) And then lower, then lower than...? maintain it, I guess :)

I was always the "fat one". Always. Now, when I saunter past my short and squat mother, I have a tremendouse feeling of satisfaction. And I think to my self: maybe, someday, in the not so distant future, I may even someday be *gasp*, beautifull?

Went to the store, and it was also kind of annoying how, I had to keep pullingmy pants up. But then I reminded my self that this is a good thing, and that if i do get too thin, I could just borrow my little sis's clothes..Bwahahahaha, (sorry I'll

Well this was a really loopy post. See ya later. Remember: There's no such thing as being too thin ;)


  1. i think we probably all have that person we want to be skinnier than .i know i cant wait till im skinnier than my one of my best friends. i know im terrible but if it motivates me then ill use it lol.and no i dont think its bad that you want to be thinner than your sis. its normal sibling behavior in my book.
    stay strong


  2. Yay! Thats great! :) Keep up the good work

  3. no problem sunshine - if I already emailed you with a buddy could you please let me know who it was? xxx if not no worries x

  4. we all want to be skinnier than those close to us, we can't help it!
    and it sounds like your doing really well, pants falling down n' all :)
    I hope your feeling good, it sounds like you are, hold on to that!

  5. hopefully you will inspire the rest of your family to be healthy and fit! glad things are going well :)