Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fast went well

I wanted to fast for longer, but I can only ever do it for one day, (so far). And I started my period the same day, so I didnt think it would be a good idea?

I am feeling either very weak or tired. All the caffiene I had from yesturday, (diet coke and coffee to surpress my appetite), is making me seriously crash. I hate how my parents are commenting on my eating habits. But at this point it just go's in one ear and out the other. Some of the exuces/reasons they try to give me to eat more and become a fattass again, (and my responses to them):

1.) Your still growing, your body needs the nutrients, (bs im already 18, how much more am I grow?).
2.) Your never going to get any skinnier than that because of your bone structure, ( Just watch me ;)
3.) Your hair is thinning, you cant lift that, your eyes look sunken, blah blah, (Not even enough, mother and father,not even enough yet...)

But despite all that they say, I dont lsten because you know what? I think they are secretly happy that I do this. Because nowadays whenever I had relatives over, or I go anywhere with the family, they dont seem ashamed to put me forword and say "this is our daugher, isnt she beautifull?"

I am sacrificing something good, for something better.

And we will Rock On ;)... peace out


  1. My mum tells me that too! That I inherited my dad's bone structure (which is true) and hence, I won't be petite no matter how much weight I lose. But you know what? Models are so tall and they're not definitely not petite but they're skinnyyy!

  2. Oh my mum says the same. I'm really broad and it pisses the hell out of me! you stay strong! fight the power! :P


  3. i hate that as well - comments about body type and bone structure. it just makes me even more determined to defy what everyone thinks i should be.

    stay strong.

  4. I hate when people talk about body types also. My family says that I'm never going to be a stick figure. I'm going to prove them wrong. My aunt, before she died, said that I need my nutrients also, but I ignored her.

  5. Good luck with your fasting! One day at a time, that's what I always tell myself. :]

    And last week, when I fasted, I fasted through my WHOLE period. My cramps were less noticeable, and I surprisingly didn't have any cravings or weaknesses! So who knows.

    My mom supports the fasting. I've done a lot of research about it. Even if I'm doing it to become thin... I'm also a major health freak. So as long as I explain my reasoning, she gives me a chance.