Thursday, November 26, 2009

136.8 + a little TMI...

I lost another pound! Im happy, but at the same scared that this momentum I have going is not going to last. Because I saw this number after I PINGED the night before. The pinge made my stomach all crampy, and I swear I took the biggest shit of my life, (sorry if this is t.m.i!!). I felt like I was dying!!! Punishment I'm guessing it was sort of like. In the morning I woke up and wieghed my self, and the scale said: 137.4, but then I had to go again!!! Jeez..

Weighed yet again, and the numbers 136.8 showed up. Got off. And stepped on again: 136.8. Hmmm... Now, Im not complaining if my occasional pinges can sometimes lead to lower numbers, but I almost felt as though the scale's lying to me. I hope not.

Thanksgiving was okay, nobody forced me to eat, because I told them I had a tummy ache, (I didnt even have to lie, because it was true). Good timing stomach, if I dont say so myself..:)  Happy Thanksgiving people's!!!!

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