Friday, November 6, 2009

Ofcourse she's okay...

So yesturday, I got passport picture taken. Sister say's "Jeez, you should really eat more, look at how sunken in your eyes are." Sunken in eyes? That's not attractive. Whatever, Im starting to care less and less about others think. Care less about finding a job. It's so hard, for a high school graduate. Especially for one that honestly doe'snt care for her own health. How in the world is she supposed to smile at customers and pretend as if everythings okay???

Ofcourse, I went to some interviews, but no dice. Pretending on I go...

I love how my body wants nourishment, but my will powers not allowing it. Lovely feeling. I'm imagining lower and lower numbers on the scale. Also I find myself throwing on any type of clothes, and not worrying if it looks good or not. Needing my little sisters belt to keep my fat girl jeans up.

I'm not giving this feeling up for anything, .... Rock On, Skinnies!!!

P.S, thanx for all ur lovely comments... =)


  1. Heh, "fat girl jeans". I have those too. When I was at my highest I used a size 14! Ugh. And now my fav' fat girl shorts really are 2 sizes to big... Nice feeling right?

    Love Cille

  2. it's a nice feeling, your body craving what you shall never allow it, control, complete control.
    I too have fat jeans. It's a nice feeling.
    your doing so well!

  3. time to invest in concealor my dear although if your ghost couloured like me not even the best will disguise the shadows of sunken eyes

    im starting to have fat jeans and its great they are so loose but i just cant bring myself to try on smaller new ones (i also like to secretly try on huge sizes in shops just to laugh at how fat i will never let myself be)

    sounds like everythings going great so ill leave with a
    "hip hip HOORAY" and a "yes yes YES"

  4. well done for being so stong! Haha, fat girl jeans. Unfortunately my fat jeans still fit =( haha

    stay strong!