Saturday, November 7, 2009

They know how hard you try...

"Not doctors nor your mom and dad but, me and Mia, Ann and Ana, know how hard you try, I can see it in your eyes, see it in your spine..." (Me and Mia by : TedLeo/The Pharmacists)

This song is amazing, I love it. The lyrics, I wish I could post them all up, but Im too lazy too. Thanks again to Nervosa and her blog for the music. If there's one thing that can really get to me, it's msusic, so yeah, i dont really know where I'm going with this, lol.

Yah, so today, I totally lost control. F-in *pinged*, (word i came across in forbiden fruits blog, i think its geniouse). I did it last saturday, and this saturday. Wtf, im noticing a pattern, and i need to break it. I also think its my moms fault. When she's home, she's just always bugging me about what I ate, and asking me to help her in the kitchen, when all I really feel like doing is running. But then there she is again, telling me to stop, because Im bothering our rentor, (a snobby old hag), who lives in our basement. )The treadmill is kind of noisy...)

It's a hell hole, and Im trying trying my best. You guys are all so wonderfull for your words. Rain, you just totally cracked me up, I will do that, (invest in a good concealer). Tryed on the jeans again after the purge, surprised to find, my stomach didnt feel like a pregnant womans like it used to do after a pinge. And the scale is on my side for now, but we shall see if any damage was done tomarow morning.

That is also when I will post my weigh-in wieght,(reminder for those of you are participating in the challenge...)
Peace out...xxoo


  1. I should check out that song, music really speaks to me, too.
    I do the same, I have a sort of pattern emerging, it's a nightmare, I need to break free of that!
    I hope your okay x

  2. i also cant stand my mother. buging me with food and cooking cakes and and other welll tasting stuff.
    Anyways i am sure you can break your pattern.

    Make your drams happen...

  3. I just read the rest of those lyrics... my goodness, is all I can say.

    And, thank you for your comment. Just knowing you're there reading and understanding means so much more than I can put in to words.

    I hope you're doing well, and staying strong.