Saturday, November 28, 2009

Not count calories? R u f-ing kidding me???

I tried to not count calories and just starve on like that, for one whole day. I couldnt even do it. I remember putting away the journal I write my intake in. And then taking it out again after breakfast. I HAVE to know. I have to have control. I cant be normal. I just cant...(!) The numbers have me in their grip.

Fight the FAT>>>!!!!!


  1. I know what you mean. It drives me insane if I don't know!
    stay strong

  2. Calorie counting is a blessing and a curse.

    I've lost the habit somehow... it just seemed to happen one day, which I suspect means one day I'll pick up my journal again and start counting like nothing ever happened.

    Just do what works for you. Less stressful :)

  3. By the way, did you see Dandelion Girl's (glitter in the wind) idea for December? You should check it out. Lovely idea, I think.

  4. Hey Sweets, I went insane having to lose count of calories. I guess I am sharing th same fate as you! Good and bad I guess. But... This is what I will do to step into th fashion scene!

    Care to keep in contact?