Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I dream of Bagels

Hey, again. Wow, I got a lot of comments on how cool my sis is, she is, and yeah, it has a lot to do with just sheilding her away from the big bad world of body issues.

So the weirdest thing happened last night. I woke up in the middle of the night, maybe 3.30 am, morning, watever, and i had woken up because of my stomach. Like jeez, it was grumbling so bad, I coudnt even sleep. But then I felt my hipbones. And my boyfreind came to mind as well. And then, well, what can I say? The thought of him completely drove away my hunger pains, and I thought of him instead... :),,,

Oh, yeah and I had awoken from a dream in which I had eaten a whole bagel. (!),, hehehe, I am so wierd...

hope you guys are doing well, stay strong!!!


  1. Oh, food dreams. People either love em or hate em. I am of the "love em" contingent. I enjoy eating the food while I am dreaming, and after the initial freak out of wondering if it was real, I realize it was a dream and just laugh, because it means your body isn't getting enough nourishment, so it dreams about what it wants. Lets me know I am doing well. :) Good luck!!

  2. Haha better to dream than to eat bagels, no? And its GREAT, not weird, to feel for your bones when you want to eat

    Well, at least its not weird here :)

    Stay strong lovelie!

  3. The first thing I do when I wake up is feel my bones. Its comforting and makes me start right. Food dreams make me uncomfortable. Im suppose to be broken free of the bondage of calories so it should not be invading my subconsious

  4. I can honestly say I've never dreamt about food! =P Sounds good though. And yeah, better to dream a bagel than eat one! Stay strong

  5. i havent really dreamt about food since i started dieting , but when i was eating like a cow i always had dreams about food. i guess thats a good thing. i kinda wish i could at least eat pizza in my sleep though without any calories... lol.i just think about what i used to look like before i got fat to stop me from eating at night, although once my bones start showing im sure that will be a better distraction.
    stay strong


  6. well I might try feeling my bones when I feel tempted, I haven't had any food dreams , your doing good, stay strong

  7. I have food dreams all the time. I say dreams, it's more like nightmares!

    Thank you for your last comment on my blog <3

    Stay strong.